Tencent gaming buddy not using gpu

Tencent gaming buddy not using gpu

Only browsing on dekstop,) my usual experience is that it would still show 15 usage. These are some things you might check if you have a dual gpu setup, like in laptops, are you checking the usage of the dedicated gpu or the integrated gpu? You will get 0 usage on dedicated, if youre doing a light task, as the laptop will switch to using the integrated gpu.

  by default tencent gaming buddy uses the integrated graphics. In this video i will show you how to make it use the dedicated graphics card for better performance.

  why does tencent gaming buddy not use pubg mobile hile vnhax a gpu for pubg mobile. How to install pubg pubg all guns damage chart lite on pc complete guide gamingsym. Install pubg pubg mobile club open 2019 southeast asia lite on pc.

Well i got a laptop with the name of dell inspiron 15 7000 gaming and the specs are -processor intel(r) core(tm) i5-7300hq cpu 2.

  pubgmobile pubgmobile aceraspire5 openglordirectx opengl directx bestsettingsforpubgmobile nolag fixlag pubgmobile directx download link httpsd.

  the recent update of tencent gaming buddy emulator has a bug which causes 100 cpu usage reasulting heavy game lagging.

  now, we need to open pubg mobile in tgb and make few changes. Open tencent gaming buddy & click on play to launch pubg mobile.

Tencent gaming buddy is easy to use and it is a highly compatible android emulator. It is not only limited to play the pubg mobile but the user can also play the other android games as well.

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Tencent gaming buddy not using gpu

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