Tableau perpetual license

Tableau perpetual license

As subscriptions have become the primary way customers license tableau around the world, its time for our next evolution. Starting on may 1st, 2021, we will no longer sell new perpetual tableau licenses. With a subscription focused business, we can invest even more into our research and development efforts, to bring you the next wave of cutting edge innovations faster.

On september 4, 2020, they officially put a stake in the heart of their perpetual license model via this post on their blog httpswww.

Last year at this time, salesforce acquired tableau software, and customers have experienced several changes since. The most significant shift is happening now tableau announced that it will stop selling new perpetual core licenses in may 2021.

Perpetual licenses & maintenance if your tableau licenses are perpetual, you may continue to use the product in perpetuity after your maintenance expires. You can continue to use the last available version while your maintenance was active indefinitely but access to product upgrades and technical support will not be available without a current maintenance contract.

Tableau software offers three support levels to help meet the service needs of all customers. Standard support is included with a subscription purchase, the first year of a perpetual license or with annual maintenance renewal after the first year of a perpetual license.

Instead of paying the full cost of a perpetual license up-front, you only pay for your first year commitment. And, since its tableau, you get a complete, best-in-class business intelligence solution from day one with no hidden costs.

For individual users, the tableau creator offering includes tableau desktop, tableau prep, and a creator license of either tableau server or tableau online.

Creators can access the full functionality of tableau prep builder, tableau desktop, and tableau serveronliner to create content. Explorers have access to a subset of creator capabilities via tableau serveronline only, to author new content based on existing published data sources and workbooks.

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Tableau perpetual license

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Tableau perpetual license
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