Tableau butterfly chart

Tableau butterfly chart

Combutterfly diagrams, also called butterfly plots or butterfly charts, are a special typ.

In this short tutorial i will be guiding you through the steps needed to create what i like to refer as a butterfly chart, which is in essence two bar charts on either side of the same y-axis.

Drag the average inflated adjusted gross and the sum of budget into the columns shelf, and film into rows shelf. Create a calculated field, labelling it zero axis and type in 0 in the calculation pane. Drag the green zero axis pill in between the inflated adjusted gross and budget pill in the columns shelf.

  this tutorial will help you to compare two sets of data by creating a butterfly chart using information visualisation platform, tableau.

  butterfly chart is used to compare the two measure which are sharing the same dimension values. Example shown in this video to compare the sales of two differ.

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The butterfly chart gives a quick glance view of the difference between two groups with the same parameters.

A butterfly chart (also called tornado chart) is a type of bar chart where two sets of data series are displayed side by side. It gives a quick glance of the difference between two groups with same parameters. It is also possible to stackplace two bars on each side (for example, developed countries and developing countries) to give a further division of categories.

This is the third part of a three-part series on tableau playbook - diverging bar chart. In part 1 and part 2, we delved into butterfly chart and standalone diverging bar chart. In this guide (part 3), we will focus on the last type diverging stacked bar chart.

  the trick to the first approach is to simply make a bar chart for each side of the diverging bar chart and reverse the axis scale for one of the charts so the bars point left or down (based on whether your measure is on the rows shelf or columns shelf).

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Tableau butterfly chart

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