Switch pro controller steam reddit

Switch pro controller steam reddit

I havent used mine with steam, but have you enabled the switch pro controller support in big picture? Youll find it under big picture settings controller settings switch pro configuration support. My only problem now is that i have to click on the tab key on my.

Not sure if you guys tried this but i spent nearly 2 hours trying to figure out how to get this working correctly on my gaming laptop, unfortunately i know theres something im missing. I used steam as an administrator, added genshin impact, added the.

As of the 21318 steam link update, the switch pro controller now appears to work with steam link properly. I knew before you could connect it but the left stick wouldnt have full motion, it appears that is now fixed since this update.

Hello guys, could any of you please help me with this problem. The first time i connected pro controller to my pc and steam, the blue light started glowing blue, but now it wont turn off even if i close steam, play on my.

Im fairly new to pc gaming, and while i have gotten used to using mouse and keyboard controls, i would like to play skyrim on the tv via hdmi. I tried connecting a switch pro controller, and it worked for a few games that i have on steam. However, when i tried using it via x360ce, i had a weird situation on my hands pertaining to skyrim if i remapped the buttons and turned on the controller.

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Switch pro controller steam reddit

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