Supermicro ipmi failover

Supermicro ipmi failover

  if you want to setup ipmi to work over the non-dedicated lan port, leave it in failover and assign a static ip. During the bootup process, my screen tells me the ip address and you need to ensure you are using that one. If no ip address shows up then of course you wont be getting into the ipmi.

If i changed the lan interface from default failover to share or dedicate the ipmi webinterface is unreachable. In the system bios the ipmi network link status is no connect and the ipmi lan selection shows share lan. All three nics (dedicated ipmi, nic 0 and 1) are connected to the network, but the webinterface is unreachable.

  i had no idea this failover feature existed and simply assumed the dedicated ipmi port was the only one. I thought i was being prudent leaving ipmi disconnected but instead i was inadvertently exposing my whole network to a massive security hole. The fix is to change the setting from failover to dedicated.

My ipim shows up on my network with a separate nic follow this guide and reset the bmc. Mine was set to fail over and then after a reset it was set back to dedicated. Comreset-supermicro-ipmi-password-default-lost-login also consider updating the bios and ipim firmware.

On modern supermicro boards, you can also set the ipmi traffic to run on a different vlan from the rest of the system, so you can tag the ipmi traffic. There are some definite security implication to this design its not difficult for the main system to access the ipmi network, if you were trying to keep them separated.

  its important to know this! Supermicro has a default password of admin. As soon as you setup your ipmi on a supermicro system, remember to change the default password right away. Tip if youre using an older supermicro motherboard such as the x8, its auto detection can cause issues where ipmi stops responding.

It appears that they default to failover, in which they use the dedicated port, and if that goes offline or isnt available at boot, itll piggyback on lan1. Last week, i had to re-cable a bit in the rack for some new equipment, and moved two ipmi interfaces to a new switch.

To achieve the same result on a supermicro platform, see supermicro faqs 9848 (hardware monitoring- ipmi). Roothost ipmitool raw 0x30 0x70 0xc 0 0 0 returned value 00 00 default (failover) 01 00 dedicated lan.

Log into the ipmi web interface by entering the ip address into the url of a web browser on a client system. Go to configuration network, and scroll down to the drop-down list for lan interface, or default interfaces. The default setting is fail over, which chooses to use either the dedicated ipmi port or the first lan.

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Supermicro ipmi failover

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Supermicro ipmi failover
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