Sunsuper kinetic super

Sunsuper kinetic super

Sunsuper is one of australias most highly rated and awarded super funds, including being named money magazines best super fund manager 2018.

Here you can find the pds, guides and forms, as well as other important information. Kinetic significant event notices these documents were prepared and issued by kinetic superannuation ltd (abn 14 056 917 303 afsl no.).

Sunsuper and kinetic super will be working closely together to ensure you are not going to be financially disadvantages by this transition. In accordance with your kinetic significant events notice, you will receive your payment from kinetic super on the your first payment from sunsuper will be determined by the frequency youve selected.

Were committed to providing an easy and simple super solution for all employers - big and small. Important numbers from youll need to use the sunsuper superannuation fund usi when paying super.

If you have both a kinetic super and sunsuper account if you have a kinetic super and a sunsuper account immediately before , special circumstances will apply. You will not have any insurance cover when your account balance is transferred.

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Sunsuper kinetic super

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