Suncorp growth saver account terms and conditions

Suncorp growth saver account terms and conditions

Grow your net balance by at least 200 a month (excluding interest) and make no more than one withdrawal. Suncorp customers with a savings account can sign-up and save on everyday items.

  with the suncorp growth saver account, strict savers are rewarded with a special 0. Interest rate on your savings when you grow your accounts net balance by at least 200 each month (excluding any interest earned) and make no more than one withdrawal in the month.

This document contains information on suncorp bank personal deposit accounts kids savings account, everyday options account, everyday essentials account and growth saver account and related fees and charges. This document must be read in conjunction with the terms and conditions for suncorp bank accounts and continuing credit accounts.

  this account is designed to help you grow your savings balance.

1 about this document this document and any terms and conditions provided to you when you subscribe to internet banking andor mobile banking or when you create a payid set out the terms and conditions that apply to accounts provided by suncorp. If you apply or have applied for an overdraft, line of credit or credit card facility, this.

To earn the bonus interest on your growth saver account, each month you need to grow your net balance by 200 or more (excluding interest) and make no more than one withdrawal. For example, say you make a withdrawal of 600 to cover your car registration. If you still want to earn bonus interest for that month, you need to contribute at least 800 into your account before the end of the month.

Flexirates allows you to earn higher interest rates by locking away a portion of your savings within your account for periods up to 12 months. Deposit products are issued by suncorp-metway ltd (suncorp bank) abn 66 010 831 722 afsl no 229882. Please read the product information document for personal deposit accounts before opening an account.

Suncorp brighter super, suncorp everyday super (eds) and suncorp employee superannuation plan (the plan) (suncorp super products) are issued by suncorp portfolio services limited abn 61 063 427 958, afsl 237905, rse licence no l0002059 (trustee) as trustee for the suncorp master trust rse fund registration no.

Required if you have a security token or you use the suncorp secured app. A security token is an additional, optional form of identification you can use when banking online. You can order security tokens from within internet banking, under the settings and security tab.

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Suncorp growth saver account terms and conditions

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