Stretched resolution apex legends

Stretched resolution apex legends

A lot of professional players in various games including fortnite and csgo is playing on stretched resolutions and this trend is also commonplace in apex legends. In this guide, we will explain the benefits of custom stretched resolutions and how you can play on stretched resolutions yourselves.

Getting a stretched resolution is quite easy, here is how to get stretched resolution in apex legends open your game go to settings select video make sure your display mode is set to full screen set your aspect ratio to 1610 set resolution to 16801050 let me know if you face any problem share.

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  mendo tests 43 stretched resolution in apex legends! Watch me live on twitch! Httpswww.

  apex legends no longer supports stretched resolution with newest patch (system override collection event) with the new limited-time event coming out, respawn has done it, yet again.

  apex legends stretched resolution (43) does anyone know if people are using any stretched resolutions? Because i know they were popular in other battle royales, especially fortnite. Not really planning on using another resolution besides 1920x1080 as i dont think it makes a big difference in fps games.

I wanted to play at a higher fps snd i was wondering if anyone know how to setup stretched res on a amd graphics card.

  how to play stretched without black bars & more! (apex legends tips & tricks) - youtube. If playback doesnt begin shortly, try restarting your device.

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Stretched resolution apex legends

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Stretched resolution apex legends
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