Stop loss order binance

Stop loss order binance

The stop order on binance futures platform is a combination of stop loss order and take profit order. The system will decide an order is a stop loss order or a take profit order based on the price level of trigger price against the last price or mark price when the order is placed. Example 1 user a places a trigger price based on last price.

  after reading the statement and clicking on confirm binance will generate stop loss order. Your stop loss order will be shown in the section of the open order at the end of your trading page.

The easiest way to understand a stop-limit order is to break it down into stop price, and limit price. The stop price is simply the price that triggers the limit order, and the limit price is the price of the limit order that is triggered. This means that once your stop price has been reached, your limit order will be immediately placed on the order book.

Stop loss order helps to reduce losses while trailing stop order locks in profit and limit loss at the same time. Stop loss order is fixed and has to be manually reset while trailing stop is more flexible and automatically tracks the price direction.

A trailing stop order allows traders to place a pre-set order at a specific percentage away from the market price when the market swings. It locks in profit by enabling a trade to remain open and continue to profit as long as the price is moving in the direction favourable to traders.

  in this video we show you how to use an oco order on binance to set up a take profit and stop-loss on an open longbuy position.

Approach select stop-limit order, then specify the stop price to be 18. To query existing orders once orders are submitted, existing stop-limit orders can be found and reviewed in open orders.

I can see how to put a stop limit order in the binance app on iphone, but i cant see an option to put both a stop limit and take profit order at the same time.

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Stop loss order binance

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