Stellar price prediction for 2018

Stellar price prediction for 2018

My stellar price prediction 2018 is nonetheless bullish and im seeing xlm crossing the 1.

To me in a short term vue, stellar has the potential to reach 0. Indeed 910 of the biggest cap on the market are now valuated more than 1 bn. So after the giveaway period on the 27th, with a total supply of approximatively 11 bn, stellar could get back his position in the top ten with a price around 0.

  steller, one of the top-10 cryptocurrency that survived all crypto seasons, from an all-time price of 0. 02 in 2019, the xlm coin has always showcased a strong desire to propel to new highs. Cryptocurrency experts refer to stellar ( xlm ) as a cherry on cake, everyone should stake it .

  after the all-time brief spike in early 2018, stellar lumens price once again fell into a bearish situation and again by the end of the year, it had more fallen over by more than 90 i. 09 and remained almost in the same range for the whole year, at max with the high usd 0.

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Stellar price prediction for 2018

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Stellar price prediction for 2018

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