Steam link no host computers found

Steam link no host computers found

Having trouble trying to fix steam link setup no host computers found error? Gaming on your computer can be an incredibly exhilarating experience. However, sometimes the screen youre playing on is too small for everyone to gather around and look at. With this in mind, steam introduced a relatively new feature called the steam link.

  no host computers found most commonly, the no host computers found error is caused by the wrong configuration of the steam link. In this case, make sure you follow the right steps for configuring your steam in-home streaming to resolve the issue.

Hello, i bought the link recently and connected it directly to the router (to have the best connection), and since my pcs internet cable doesnt reach the router, i decided to move my pc closer to it, connect it directly to the router and test if everything was working fine. Well it wasnt! Steam link powered up, updated, and even found my wireless controller.

  no host computer found sorry if this has been answered before. Anyway, i got my steam link today and while it was easy to hook up, i cant seem to connect to my pc via ethernet.

Steam link powered up, updated, and even found my wireless controller. My pc is connected to the internet, running steam and working fine, but link wont recognize it.

I setup my steam link and there is audio in the steam link ui. When i connect to my host computer i can see all my games and play them, but get no audio from big picture mode or from in game. I read that changing my host audio settings to 16-bit and 48khz may help.

Steam link issues no host computer found on a wired connection? My link and the pc are both attached to the same router via ethernet.

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Steam link no host computers found

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