State of michigan 401k voya

State of michigan 401k voya

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State of michigan new employee orientation online tutorial (state employees only, not applicable to state police) 2021 irs contribution limits key features of plans roth features. Your guide to roth 401(k) contributions roth 401(k) in-plan conversions loan information.

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Do you have questions after reading this website? There are multiple ways to reach us. Participant services representatives are available 800 am to 800 pm eastern time (et), monday through friday (except on new york stock exchange holidays).

The maximum amount you may contribute to the state of michigan 401(k) plan, including both pre-tax contributions and roth contributions, is 18,5 if you will attain age 50 or older in 2018, you may contribute an additional 6,000 each year.

  state of michigan 401k plan managements discussion and analysis (continued) overall fund structure and objectives the qualified deferred compensation plan (the plan) was originally established by the state of michigan pursuant to act 306, p. 1976, for the exclusive benefit of eligible employees and their beneficiaries.

The state of michigan defined contribution 401(k) plan is the primary retirement plan for all new employees. Starting with your very first paycheck, the state of michigan began contributing an amount equal to 4 of your salary into your account in the 401(k) defined contribution plan. These contributions are automatically invested in one of the ssga target retirement funds, based on your date.

It is for this reason that the forms have not been made available to fill out online. Please make sure you read the instructions carefully and complete each form accordingly to shorten processing time. To request the payout request form for participants please call the plan information line at .

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State of michigan 401k voya

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