Stardew valley best place to catch catfish

Stardew valley best place to catch catfish

  catfish is a fish that you will find in rivers during the spring and fall when its raining. This type of fish can be caught near pelican town, cindersap forest, or secret woods, as they are the best place to catch catfish in stardew valley.

  to the far left of these woods is a freshwater pond where you can fish for your best odds at getting a catfish. Keep in mind you might also be able to buy one from the travelling cart, if you get.

  in the summer, it can be found in the secret woods or witchs swamp. While searching through garbage cans in the spring or fall, it will drop occasionally. The catfish can be caught on the riverlands farm or hill-top farm during rainy weather as well.

The catfish is also able to be found in garbage cans around pelican town. It is the only time the catfish can be acquired in the winter and garbage cans will not produce catfish if it is summer. The catfish will also be available from the witchs swamp later in the game during fall and spring.

The easiest place to find them is in the secret forest pond on rainy days in the summer. Are you by any chance in summer right now? The catfish in streams only bite on rainy days in spring and fall. (theyll still bite in the secret forest on summer rainy days though.).

  although the list of fish catchable in this area is limited, the sewer is home to the mutant carp (one of five of the catchable legendary fish). For players looking to stock up on green or white algae, this is the place to obtain it. If players are looking to catch carp year round, visit the sewer.

  that brings us to the best fishing spot in stardew valley. Looks like this player isnt the only one that discovered this fantastic fishing spot. The best fishing spot in stardew valley is not much further than your own backyard.

First of all you need to find a perfect place go to the sea or search for a fast river. As a fishing guide says, to start, use a mouse and couple buttons, come closer to the water and throw a rod. When your prey is on the hook, quickly press the right button and try to win in a mini game.

  i hope you are aware that the water directly at the mines is a lake and no river, btw. (and therefore doesnt contain any catfish) also i hope that you have an iridium rod wqith a trap tackle.

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Stardew valley best place to catch catfish

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