Stand alone jewellery insurance

Stand alone jewellery insurance

  companies who offer stand-alone jewelry insurance will also cover jewelry repair services if your jewelry breaks, in addition to losses from theft. You can also get coverage for what is called mysterious disappearance from stand-alone carriers if you are unsure if your jewelry was stolen or just misplaced. On average, you can expect to pay 1-2 in premium for every 100 your jewelry.

Our stand-alone jewellery insurance policy is underwritten by catlin insurance company (uk) ltd a global insurer with one of the best credit ratings in the world. For more detailed information, please read the key facts and policy wording documents.

Jewellery insurance from assetsure helps protect your most valuable possessions. For some people, covering valuable items under a home insurance policy is not a viable option. Often the sums insured are too high and the insurer does not wish to extend cover. Now there is a solution to this situation as we at assetsure are able to offer a stand.

If you need to insure jewellery and watches worth 3,000 or more, our standalone insurance could be just what you need. You dont need to have your home insurance with us, and we can cover your jewellery and watches up to a total of 50,000.

Jewellery and watch insurance from th march provides worldwide accidental damage, loss and theft cover for your precious items. Our premiums start from less than 60 per year and if you need to make a claim, we will send you back to your jeweller of choice, wherever possible. You can obtain a free quick quote online, which will provide you with an indication of the likely premium you will pay.

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Stand alone jewellery insurance

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Stand alone jewellery insurance
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