Spot transaction and forward transaction

Spot transaction and forward transaction

  spot transaction and forward transaction in foreign exchange transactions the transactions are not completed on the same date.

Difference between spot vs forward transaction in a spot transaction, all the above-mentioned processes of trading, clearing and settlement occur simultaneously. It happens on the spot, hence having its name as the spot market. For example amar wants to buy gold and the vendor quotes him rs.

Spot transaction and forward transaction spot transactions in some transactions, the deal will be struck but the actual exchange of currencies will take place, say, after two days from the date of contract.

One can be a spot transaction and the other can be a forward transaction. A spot transaction is one that is done almost immediately and the foreign currency you have purchased through the foreign exchange company will be used within 2 days. A forward transaction is when you purchase foreign currency but it is not used immediately.

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Spot transaction and forward transaction

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