Spalding the beast replacement backboard

Spalding the beast replacement backboard

The replacement backboard for the beast is available, but you can only get it by contacting . I need a replacement backboard for spalding 88454g basketball inground system.

The only portable system of its size, the beast glass portable basketball hoop gives you the stability of an in-ground, but with a wheeled base that makes it easy to move. The 60 or 54 glass backboard gives you the true rebound youd find on the professional court. It has a sturdy steel rim that can handle fierce dunks and drives, and you can adjust the height of the rim to anywhere between.

The spalding acrylic backboard & rim combo helps you perfect your jump shots, layups or angled floaters. The board is clear and padded to mimic the professional court. Product details backboard size 50-54 x 32 acrylic board with arena-style padding steel board frame with aluminum trim arena slam or pro slam breakaway rim designed.

Spalding is committed to being the highest quality brand of authentic sporting goods equipment in the world. Our reputation will be built on the courts and the fields of play, and serious athletes will trust spalding when they want the very best. At spalding, its not about the glitz and hype, its about respecting the game and providing products that make superior performance possible.

Check out some great spalding replacement backboard options below. When you want to replace your spalding backboards then visit our site and get high quality replacement backboards. Portable standards search lifetime portable goals spalding and huffy portable goals portable.

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Spalding the beast replacement backboard

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Spalding the beast replacement backboard

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