Sofi student loan refinance reddit

Sofi student loan refinance reddit

Sofi loans is offering a free 10 just for checking your personal loan or student loan refinance rate options with sofi.

As a reminder, please do not share personal information or other sensitive information on this community. Rsofi is unofficial, should you need immediate assistance please utilize our help thread to find the most relevant contact. A quick reminder to everyone else to not share referral links outside of the monthly referral thread stickied to the community.

Has anyone used sofi to refinance student loans? I saw a commercial on tv about a company called sofi helping people to refinance their student loans. Ive never looked at refinancing, not really, and im hesitant to use a non-traditional financial institution.

Ive been receiving offers from sofi to refinance and consolidate my student loans. Does anyone have any information on this company? Are they trustworthy? Right now i pay about 1200 a month in private student loans with an average of 9 interest. 5 interest rate with a monthly payment of around 650 for a 10 year loan.

  so in 2019, i got more aggressive by making double the minimum payment on my student loans, plus i threw 100 of my tax return and 100 of my work bonus on my student loans to get my balance down to 90k. I refinanced that 90k in december 2019 with sofi again, to a 7 year plan and down to a new interest rate of 3.

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Sofi student loan refinance if you are looking to refinance federal student loans please be aware of recent legislative changes that have suspended all federal student loan payments and waived interest charges on federally held loans until the end of september due to covid-19.

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Sofi student loan refinance reddit

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Sofi student loan refinance reddit
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