Smash bros ultimate gamecube controller setup

Smash bros ultimate gamecube controller setup

There are two main controllers people use for super smash bros. Some prefer the gamecube controller, whilst others use the switchs pro controller. Theres no inherent advantage to either, but its worth knowing most top professional players prefer the gamecube controller. For your gamecube controller, youll want to make a few changes to the default. Something important to emphasise is turning off stick jump, found under other settings.

The gamecube controller will help you to beat all your friends in comfort, which means theyll need to see the screen too. There are two usb slots on the side of the switch dock which, surprise surprise, seem to have been placed there explicitly for the arrival of smash bros. Hook up the adapter to these usb slots and youre practically there.

Now, my setup is limited to a 4k television, an hdmi cable, a gamecube controller adapter i pilfered from my wii u (rip) and either one of those new official smash ultimate nintendo controllers or.

The gamecube controller configuration is nearly identical to the pro controller layout.

  hi, forget about all those other controllers gamers use to play super smash bros.

  using the raphnet tech adaptor, it is possible to use the gamecube controller for smash 64, and any other n64 game. Gamecube controller support is also available for super smash bros. It requires the use of a usb adapter in the same manner as super smash bros. Nintendo is also selling a new adapter along with new gamecube controllers.

  before smash 4, i was excluvisly a gamecube controller player.

Melee on the iconic nintendo gamecube back in 2002! When used in conjunction with the gamecube controller adapter, this is the perfect way to enjoy super smash bros.

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Smash bros ultimate gamecube controller setup

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Smash bros ultimate gamecube controller setup
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