Smarty jr dpf delete software

Smarty jr dpf delete software

Deleting the dpf is illegal deleting the dpf extremely limits what you can do with your truck and the type of tuner you can use. With the smarty, having a truck with a dpfegr system is no longer the end of the world. If you want to go the extra step, along with the addition of a quality smarty programmer, you can add a watermethanol injection kit from snow performance.

Bought a smartyjr and delete kit from a guy used who had it on his 2012 6. 7 cummins and everything was perfect he removed it when sold the truck and sold it to me. The smartyme site says all their new software is emissions legal, so im guessing it.

My only problem was i havent deleted my egr system yet, and my exhaust brake would not work. I pulled the electrical plugs on the egr as was suggested elsewhere on this form and i got my exhaust brake back.

  do not load the 23me software onto your truck until you have deleted your dpf. I suspect that you downloaded the 23s software onto the smarty and thus into your ecm and deleted the dpf. The 23s software is for dpf intact (still on the truck) and the 23me is for dpf deleted.

So per smart instructions it said remove egr take plunger out and tie up out of the way. Went from big blue 2500 ctd to a 20back to a 20 ctd in dark red.

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Smarty jr dpf delete software

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