Skyrim who is the best to marry

Skyrim who is the best to marry

  the most popular and best wife in skyrim, according to the community, is undoubtedly aela the huntress. Shes a member of the companions and also a werewolf, following the teachings of hircine.

  in terms of sheer marriage benefits, balimund is one of the best options since hes a blacksmith.

Players that want to get the most of their marriage will find borgakh the steel heart is the perfect choice with a ton of benefits. And yes, borgakh herself is an orc but dont be intimidated by her tough looks.

  aela, belonging to the nord race, is considered to be the best wife available in skyrim. In addition to being a great wife, shes got some extremely powerful combat skills as an archer and can reach up to level 50. This being the case, aela happens to be a great wife for starters as shell help you progress easily in the game and its combat aspect.

  to be able to marry jordin you need to become a thane of solitude and purchase the proudspire manor (one of the best houses in skyrim). Jordis, like lydia, has a max player level of 50 and also makes a good follower.

She is a simple breton girl with a pleasant appearance, who runs an apothecary in markarth called the hags cure, so you can buy and sell potions andor ingredients you dont need but she is not a good follower with her max level 6.

Avrusa sarethi is quite an interesting character, yet one that not many players really wish to marry. Why? Well, because she isnt really pretty in vanilla skyrim. However this mod gives her a quick rework, making this farm woman a much more desirable spouse by changing her looks and some of her quirks.

  youll have to put in some work if you want to marry calder by becoming the thane of eastmarch. You will need to speak to the jarl of eastmarch in windhelm, help five people from eastmarch and then purchase hjerim and then talk to the jarl who will make you thane.

  the divines have blessed a total of 30 female marriage candidates and 37 male marriage candidates in the elder scrolls v skyrim and official expansions. You can marry anyone regardless of your dragonborns race or gender, so long as youve fulfilled whatever conditions make them your friend.

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Skyrim who is the best to marry

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