Sisters of silence army

Sisters of silence army

  in short, the sisters of silence are points efficient, versatile and useful in a range of imperium armies.

The sisters of silence are an all-female order of imperial witch hunters tasked with hunting down rogue psykers and other psychic threats across the galaxy. They also help to enforce the imperiums rigid laws on the use of psychic powers.

  the sisters of battle are part of the ecclesiarchy and historically the house militant of the ordo hereticus witch hunters. The sisters of silence are part of the talons of the emperor, the parent organization that also includes the adeptus custodes, and was the emperors personal army.

Sword sisters can cut through terminators for fun with their d3 damage. Bolters are less impressive but cheap and flamers can be a nice deterrent. If they had a hq option id definitely think sisters of silence were viable. Toughness 8 is where the army doesnt hold its own for pure sisters.

- astra telepathica sisters of silence horus heresy warhammer 40k nib flipside.

  sisters of silence were originally released as a characterful addition to the horus heresy in the burning of prospero box, giving the guards and witch hunters of the black ships models at last. Sadly the range is very limited, with only the basic unit in plastic (though split into three different units according to weapons) and one limited run character model.

Sisters of silence squad 75 points quiet as the grave, the sisters of silence march onto the battlefield. Each of these devout warriors is a living weapon, exuding an unnatural aura that can scramble the minds of their enemies and wound the souls of those who channel warp energy.

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Sisters of silence army

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