Silent cpu miner

Silent cpu miner

Cpu & gpu mining - can mine on both cpu and gpu (nvidia & amd) idle mining - can be configured to mine with a different max cpu when computer is idle.

  xmrig is a high performance monero (xmr) cpu miner, with official support for windows. Originally based on cpuminer-multi with heavy optimizationsrewrites and removing a lot of legacy code, since version 1. This is the cpu-mining version, there is also a nvidia gpu version and amd gpu version.

  silent monero (xmr) miner for windows 7-10 features (eng) miner hides from task manager and processhacker you can setup any pool (miner uses xmrig) requires.

  minergate silent miner (fud hidden) - xmr miner cpu 2019in this video ill be sharing my own monero silent miner for minergate.

Use 50 cpu use only one thread always use 100cpu only start mining if idle previous next if pc is idle, you can choose between using 50 cpu or 100 cpu (choose 100cpu if you selected always use 100 cpu in previous step).

  earn with computer 25 for lifetime builder payment btc httpshackforums.

Stealth, currently pauses the miner while task manager is open. Start delay, added a customizable start delay before the miner is injected and starts, decreases detection by a lot. Hide file, can now choose to hide the copied miner file when install is enabled.

Mine incognito without anyone knowing it you can activate stealth hidden mode by pressing alt shift f12.

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Silent cpu miner

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Silent cpu miner
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