Short hop gamecube controller

Short hop gamecube controller

  the ultimate short hop guide! Super smash bros ultimateare you new to super smash brothers ultimate and want to become a competitive player? Well you have co.

Ultimate also introduced a new mechanic to the game in the form of a built-in short hop attack. This can be done by pressing the jump and standard attack button (a on a gamecube controller) at the same time (xa or ya). Press buttons together and your character will jump at short hop height and perform and aerial attack as soon as possible.

  despite the fact that i was super excited for using my gamecube controller, playing primarily on my 3ds has helped me appreciate the layout of the buttons on the game pad and the wii u pro controller. I personally find it much easier to quickly slide my thumb across y - b or x - a for my short hop aerials.

  is it possible to modify a controller so that one button gives you a guaranteed short hop, no matter how long you press it?

Short hop customs is dedicated to providing the best controller mods at an affordable cost. Maintenance, repairs, upgrades, you name it! Customer satisfaction is our first priority, so we only use the best available materials. Be sure to give us a follow on instagram to see what were working on! I dont see the custom controller i want in your store.

  yes making a short hop mod can be done with supplies you can get at your local radio shack.

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Short hop gamecube controller

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