Sf baylink ferry schedule

Sf baylink ferry schedule

Use the ferry trip selector that appears on the home page (or in the sidebar of the desktop site) to plan your ferry excursion. Select the terminal you want to depart from, then choose from the available destination terminals.

Whether youre commuting to work or taking a weekend outing with family or friends, enjoy the comfort, convenience and stress-free experience of ferry travel. Just a scenic, calming ride to locations across the bay while you enjoy a snack or beverage from our full service bar or just stretch out and take in the amazing bay views.

The vallejo ferry schedule changes three or four times a year. Travel time is approximately 10 minutes between pier 41 and the sf ferry building. The vallejo baylink ferry has available service seven days a week, except for a few holidays, when no ferry service is available. It normally takes about 60 minutes or one hour for commute times on the ferry.

Notice there is currently no service to or from the mare island or pier 41 terminals. Weekend service is currently suspended on all san francisco bay ferry routes. Learn more about service changes currently in effect schedules.

The schedule is changing more frequently than usual so we recommend checking this website before riding san francisco bay ferry. There is currently no service to pier 41 in san francisco, mare island, harbor bay or south san francisco.

For additional vallejo ferry schedule and service assistance call (707) 64-ferry or toll free at (877) 64-ferry during ticket office hours, 515 am to 1245 pm (closed from 930 to 1030 am) on weekdays. For assistance with all other san francisco bay ferry routes and services you may also call (415) 705-8291, monday-friday, from 800 am to 500 pm.

Bicycles cannot be brought aboard the sfo ferry connector bus, but there are secure bikelink lockers at the south s. To the east bay in the mornings or from the east bay to south s.

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Sf baylink ferry schedule

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Sf baylink ferry schedule

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