Sekiro help kuro

Sekiro help kuro

  at this point, you have two choices help kuro, or protect kuro as part of the iron code.

Sekiro will pull a telltale-style switcheroo on you, where you can only select one option anyway, and it all leads to the same point.

When speaking to kuro after beating genichiro sekiro i have come for you, my lord. Im sure that i would do the same thing given another chance.

I am absolutely unable to choose the help kuro option and i dont know why. I cannot get isshin to show up in the tower next to kuros room. I have talked to the man with the mask who wants me to hunt rats.

This item is used in new game plus (as well as new game, providing the player has finished the game and entered new game plus at least once) as a protection against chip damage from blocking. Returning the charm to kuro at the start of the game unlocks the path of further hardships,.

  now, it is possible to give back the sekiro kuros charm item to kuro in the game. If you do this, talking to him again wont give it back to you.

Once you beat him, talk to kuro a bunch until he says to talk to emma, rest so she appears in the room, talk to her for the mortal blade comment, then keep talking to kuro until he tells you to light the incense. Once you do that and the screen fades to black as wolf draws the mortal blade, from there you will get the correct eavesdrop dialog from kuroemma and can do the rest of the steps.

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Sekiro help kuro

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