Seatac airport long term parking rates

Seatac airport long term parking rates

  if you need seatac airport long term parking for less than 30 days, you may park at the general parking lot or the terminal direct parking lot. If you are parking for more than a month, you must pre-book your parking online and call the sea airports public parking office to make arrangements.

Pre-booked parking is now available so you can book your parking in advance to get a discount on our current daily and weekly parking rates. With more than 12,100 spaces available for both short- and long-term parking, the sea airport garage offers a wide range of affordable parking options for business and leisure travelers.

Long term rate -140 (for 7 days) monthly parking if you want your car at the airport for more than just a week, youll want to park in this area. You can find sea parking rates for the monthly parking below long term rate -375month. Corporate parking for those who travel often for work, this corporate parking package is available at a daily rate.

  find inexpensive seattle airport long term parking options by comparing rates online and.

00 there is monthly billing available, located in terminal direct.

Sea airport increased public parking rates effective july 1, 2019. Revenue from the parking garage goes directly to airport infrastructure projects for travelers, including recent upgrades of the garage such as lighting, painting, electric vehicle charging upgrades, emergency phones, additional staffing and soon to be added amenities such as a parking.

Not to mention, the daily rates for the general parking garage airport parking can be expensive at a price of 30 per day. The terminal direct parking garage (floor 4) is 37 per day compared to our sea airport parking partners, at 4.

  the drive-up rates of terminal direct parking are 6 per hour and 39 for daily parking. The drive-up rates of general parking are 5 per hour and 32 for daily parking. While the general parking lot is cheaper for the on-airport parking, we have more than 20 parking partners that offer competitive seatac parking prices.

You choose the best airport parking lot for you and reserve your spot with a small, refundable deposit to lock in your discounted parking. We transmit your information to the parking lot so they may be prepared for your arrival. You bring a copy of your reservation confirmation to the lot to insure credit for your pre-paid deposit.

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Seatac airport long term parking rates

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