Seasteading institute ico

Seasteading institute ico

  youtubeseasteading the seasteading institute made waves in 2008 (sorry, not sorry) when notable vc peter thiel decided to co-found the project.

In 2017, by which time thiel had quit its board, the seasteading institute signed an agreement with french polynesian officials, who were encouraged by the concept as a mitigation for rising sea.

  the seasteading institute has gone ahead to release a short video documentary on its main youtube channel. In the video, details of the upcoming project have been revealed. The video shows the establishment of a not-so big seasteading that is built by the crypto early adopters.

Seakeeping performance becomes of increasing importance when designing floating structures regulatory bodies and operators are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of specifying seakeeping requirements which the vessel or marine structure must meet. When designing a seastead, this analysis becomes of paramount importance.

  the seasteading institute says that living in international waters on permanent platforms are a way to allow the next generation of pioneers to peacefully test new ideas for how to live together.

A short video narrative discharged by the seasteading institute on its youtube channel grandstands the foundation of a little seastead 12 nautical miles off the shoreline of phuket, thailand. The establishment is currently the home of chad elwartowski and nadia summergirl, a couple who needed to move the cutting edge thought from only an idea to a reasonable reality.

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Seasteading institute ico

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