Scottrade fees for stocks

Scottrade fees for stocks

There is no monthly or annual fee on account management at scottrade.

  scottrade is an online broker with a straightforward pricing structure. To access scottrades active trader platform, scottradeelite, customers must have 25,000 in total assets or make 9 trades over a three month rolling period.

Scottrade penny stock fees scottrade charges 0 a trade, plus 0. This is very expensive and we dont recommend scottrade for buying penny stocks. Its much cheaper to trade stocks priced under 1 with one of the top penny stock brokerage firms.

65 per contract fee applies for options trades on all online equity trades legacy scottrade account questions? Call to speak to a td ameritrade representative.

If youre interested in etfs, however, scottrade isnt the best option. They dont offer commission-free etfs like etrade and most of their other competition.

Every large broker out there charges fees ranging from 7 to 20.

Fees and account minimums scottrades charge for trading stocks and etfs is 0, while etrade charges the same amount. 50 per contract for customers with over 30 trades per quarter).

Scottrade allows you to trade stocks, options, etf, mutual funds, internationally, fixed income, and foreign stock on the forex. There are some service fees to be aware of, including mailed confirmation to an internet account, male statement to an internet account, duplicate historical statement, overnight delivery, returned or stop payments and research.

65 per contract fee applies for options trades, with no exercise or assignment fees. 95 commission applies to online trades of over-the-counter (otc) stocks (stocks not listed on a u.).

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Scottrade fees for stocks

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Scottrade fees for stocks

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