Scott bauer prosper trading reviews

Scott bauer prosper trading reviews

I was able to reach out directly to scott bauer, ceo of prosper, for his guidance to walk me through my challenge. Not only did he drop everything to work with me, but he provided me with the solution needed to solve my challenge.

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I have been with prosper trading i have been with prosper trading academy since april 2020, and i am a life time member on charlie moons, michael shorrs and scott bauers platforms. I like the trading education classes and of course their trading signals. These signals are easy to follow and to enter as orders in a brokerage account.

Prosper trading academy will teach you and walk you through how to trade! I cannot say enough good things about prosper trading academy. Between scott, mike, charlie and patrick they not only show you how and why to trade either in stocks or options but their patience is amazing.

Is anyone familiar with scott bauers prosper trading academy? Investing. I called his 1-800 number where you leave a voicemail with your name and e-mail and because they are supposed to teach you some trade secrets to gaining wealth. I received a call back within a few hours and the guy i spoke with asked how much money i had to invest and he wanted to make sure it wouldnt be taking food off.

Prosper trading academy sells investment advice for 20k per year. It is run by charles moon and scott bauer who are controversial. Best forex signals trading & investing tools forex brokers advertising contact us prosper trading academy review.

Scott bauer is the ceo of prosper trading academy and a frequently featured coach on td ameritrade with 25 plus years of professional equity and index options experience at the chicago board options exchange (cboe), chicago mercantile exchange (cme), and as a former vice presidenttrader for goldman sachs.

Scott bauer is a professional options trader and the ceo of a company called prosper trading academy. He began his career as a clerk on the chicago board options exchange in 1991.

  if you have done any research on charlie and his parent company, prosper trading, you will see that his members truly love him as well as the other mentors like scott bauer, by just looking at a ton of the reviews on trustpilot. I have used quite a few services over the years and have not found a better service then charlie moon. He has excellent educational materials to learn from that you.

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Scott bauer prosper trading reviews

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