Scholars edge 529 plan

Scholars edge 529 plan

Scholars edge 529 is a tax-advantaged savings plan that helps families save for education expenses.

You can choose from a wide variety of investment options to create your own personalized investment plan. Each scholars edge 529 individual portfolio except one, is invested in a single underlying mutual fund or exchange traded fund. You may also invest in the scholars edge capital preservation portfolio which is a funding.

New mexicos scholars edge is an advisor-sold 529 savings program. Ascensus college savings recordkeeping services, llc, as the program manager, is responsible for the day-today operations of the plan. Principal global investors, llc, as the investment advisor to the plan, provides investment management services to the plan.

Scholars edge (scholars edge or the plan) is operated as a qualified tuition program offered and sponsored by the education trust board of new mexico (the board) and is available to all u. Ascensus college savings recordkeeping services, llc is the program manager for scholars edge and principal funds distributor, inc.

Scholars edge client services , monday through friday, 800 a.

All 529 plan assets, including earnings, established for the benet of a particular beneciary must be aggregated when applying this limit. New contributions will not be allowed once this limit is reached. Such automatic investment plans do not assure a prot or protect against losses in declining markets.

Sharpen the savings edge by backing up your goals with the proven results of the scholars choice 529 plan.

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Scholars edge 529 plan

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Scholars edge 529 plan
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