Sbi uk remit to india exchange rate

Sbi uk remit to india exchange rate

Indicative foreign exchange rates (up to 25000 or equivalent in other currencies) for today eurinr 85.

Online remittance (sbi express remit uk) an online service to remit money from your uk bank account to the beneficiary in india.

Send, remit money to india using sbi express remit secured and one of the safest ways to send your money to india from us, uk and middle east countries send money, remit money, transfer money to india sbi global link services.

If you hold an account with sbi in the uk, maintain a minimum balance and transfer rupees to india from your account, we wont charge you. Sbi has more than 20,000 branches that can confirm your funds transfer.

The exchange rates displayed below are applicable to the funds transfer requests processed in india for the respective date as given below. Please note that these exchange rates are applicable to fund transfers requested on this remittance portal only.

Send money, remit money, transfer money to india sbi global link services. Please check that the address bar has turned to green indicating that the site is secure with an ssl certificate that meets the extended validation standard (available in ie 7.).

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Sbi uk remit to india exchange rate

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Sbi uk remit to india exchange rate

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