Saxo trader demo account

Saxo trader demo account

Saxo offers you a 20-day free demonstration with a simulated usd 100,000 to practise with. Try your strategies and familiarise yourself with our tools and features. Your demo account will work for both of our platforms, saxotradergo and saxotraderpro.

Saxo markets does not provide financial advice, any information available on this website is general in nature and for informational purposes only. Saxo markets does not take into account an individuals needs, objectives or financial situation.

Saxo bank offers you a 20-day free demonstration of our platforms with a simulated usd 100,000 account to practise with. Try out market strategies and familiarise yourself with the tools and functionalities before you start trading for real.

Saxo offers a free 20-day demo account so you can practice trading and try out our award-winning platforms before you open a live account. Sign up below, and youll be able to access the award winning trading platform from all your preferred trading devices.

Saxotradergo is a cross device online trading platform - trade and control your investments moving seamlessly between devices. The trading platform only supports iphones running ios 11 and later, android phones running android 5 and later, windows phones running windows 8 and later and blackberry 10.

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Saxo trader demo account

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Saxo trader demo account
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