Satrix access range

Satrix access range

What is the satrix access range? Whether youre just starting out on your investment journey or need to diversify your existing portfolio, the satrix access range offers you the building blocks you need.

Easyequities and satrix win big at the 2017 african fintech awards.

Introducing the satrix access range, featuring 3 flagship satrix products to simplify your investment choice. Satrix caters to all investors from the beginner to the most sophisticated. With a number of etfs and index-tracking unit trusts on offer, making a considered choice can often be daunting.

On satrixnow, our online investment platform, youll find the satrix access range. This may be a good place to start, as it includes four of our flagship satrix funds covering broad based local and global market access, as well as a money market fund.

Weve simplified your investment choice with the satrix access range.

  the satrix access range features our flagship etfs and uts, simply and at low cost via our online platform satrixnow. Za performance the performance of an etf and ut tracking the same index and charging the same fee should be similar.

Satrix is south africas leading provider of index-tracking products, covering a wide range of exchange traded funds (etfs) and unit trusts. Our index-based products are low-cost, transparent and simple to understand.

Satrix managers (rf) (pty) ltd (satrix) a registered and approved manager in collective investment schemes in securities and an authorised financial services provider in terms of the fais. Collective investment schemes are generally medium- to long-term investments.

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Satrix access range

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Satrix access range

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