Sanwa mt4 vs futaba 4pl

Sanwa mt4 vs futaba 4pl

  i have tried to make up my own mind but dont know enough about the 4pl vs mt4 debate to decide. My 10yo son wanted a 2sp in his wraith as well as a servo winch just like mine so i picked up an mt4 to replace his dx3e. He says he likes the backlit display of the 4pl better, so i was going to trade him and i just purchased a.

Ly2wuht3etime to do a heads-up comparison review video between the new futaba 4pm.

  stepping down from the top end we hit the sanwa mt4 (i think there is a new model coming, or has been released), the ko ex2, the spektrum dx4s, dont know futabas mid range model, but they are all have a price tag about half that of their big brothers (or sisters if you prefer), have most if not all the same options, and will feel the same in your hand.

Ive had the futaba 3pl for over a year, and also own a sanwa mt-4s (a fabulous radio). I thought itd be a good time to try out another entry-level model and since im a big fan of the mt-4s, i was curious to see how the mx-v would fare. With the two radios in my possession, i decided this would be a good time to do a comparison.

Futaba 3pm fs airtronics mt4 aka sanwa mt4 and futaba 2phka radio controllers. With the strong us dollar there are some amazing deals on gear from overseas. A review and comparison between the airtronics rc transmitter mx v and the mt 4. In this episode we take a look at the sanwa mt44 radio from amain.

Not sure if you guys feel the same, but that sanwa m12s certainly blew.

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Sanwa mt4 vs futaba 4pl

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Sanwa mt4 vs futaba 4pl
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