Samsung galaxy s10 hidden tricks

Samsung galaxy s10 hidden tricks

This is a very useful feature when you disable screen rotation from the notification panel because maybe youre laying down and dont want to display to rotate on accidental movements but still want to watch and see some content in landscape. Well you will the small icon will pop up bottom of your mobile screen.

  in this video, i am going to share 250 tips, tricks and hidden features for your samsung galaxy s10, s10 plus or s10e, so that you may master your smartphon.

  watch this video to see the best samsung galaxy s10 & s10 features. Including over 10 hidden features, tips, and tricks for your galaxy s10! From the abilit.

  samsung galaxy s10, s10, s10e tips, tricks & hidden features - youtube.

  3 hidden tips, tricks, and features of samsung s10 plus samsung s10 hidden features quick app switch adjust flashlight brightness, make it brighter fm radio.

The galaxy s10 camera takes a lot from the galaxy s9 and adds a wide-angle lens.

Tips, tricks, secret feature get more out of the samsung galaxy s10 with these easy alterations.

  here are my top 15 tips & tricks for unlocking & utilizing the hidden & advanced features in your galaxy s.

  you can find this in the settings lock screen always on display, enter there then activate it then go to display mode and choose the tap to show option. As the name suggests, the galaxy s10 can wirelessly charge another device.

  here are the top 10 samsung galaxy s10 tips and tricks, and hidden features you need to know.

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Samsung galaxy s10 hidden tricks

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