Rust server parameters

Rust server parameters

Password supersecretpassword this one is first because its the most important parameter you can change. This changes the password to your rust server console, which wont be secure by default. Its very important that you change this to a new password that you havent used anywhere else. Otherwise, it will be trivial for someone to make unauthorized changes to your server.

A quick rundown of these parameters are listed as so hostname, this is what users will see as your servers name within the rust server browser. Server identity, your server identity is the name of the file which your server is saved under. If you want different server files running different configurations, you can change the value of the server identity, changing your directory from server.

The previous approach can be improved by using the builder pattern for the parameters, so that building the parameters is simpler and more pretty to look at let call1 paramsapproachdbuilderdefault(). Approachd( & call1) ? Let call2 paramsapproachdbuilderdefault().

Tickrate 30 (default 30, can be from 15 to 100 or 128, but 30 is ok) server. Identity yourserveridentity (used mainly for multiple instances, and thats nice to have a custom folder name, in serveryourserveridentity.).

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Rust server parameters

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Rust server parameters
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