Rust fps increase

Rust fps increase

  another way to increase fps in rust is to change a couple of windows settings. There are two windows 10 settings known to cause issues with rust game mode and power settings.

After starting the rust client, select f1 and go to the console screen. Once you connect to a server, your fps will be shown in the lower left corner, in a large white font.

  in this video, ill show you how to increase boost your rust performance, and reduce input lag.

  overclocking hardware can improve the overall performance of your system and increase rusts fps, but it carries a risk of damaging your hardware, for both the short and long term. Its also important to understand what hardware bottlenecks exist before you begin down this solution path.

  this is a simple tutorial on how to improve your fps on rust in 2021.

Once open, click the tab that says processes, then find the rust application under that tab. Exe application and hover over set priority and click on high. Exe application will only show on the task manager if the game is already running, so make sure you do this after you start the game. This should make your game run much faster at the cost of any other applications running.

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Rust fps increase

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