Rounding top formation

Rounding top formation

  a rounding top is a price pattern used in technical analysis. It is identified by daily price movements, in particular the tops, which when graphed form a downward sloping curve.

  rounding top patterns indicate that a trend reversal is highly likely, especially when volume behaves as it did during the above examples.

A rounding top is a long-term reversal pattern, which indicates the beginning of a downtrend in price. This inverted u shaped pattern is seen only in the weekly and monthly charts. When the minor highs of the pattern are connected, it will resemble an inverted bowl shape.

Rounding tops are large enough to appear on the weekly or daily chart. Even ends the rims of the inverted bowl bottom near the same price, but 58 of the time the end is slightly higher than the start.

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  technical analysis -from a technical perspective, we can see that a potential rounding top pattern has been formed which is providing us a bearish signal and suggesting us the upcoming targets are 13. On the bigger picture we can see that initially, bears took the silver from the 18. 22 level and then followed by a pullback correction rally till 15.

Topping patterns are critical to recognize prior to the stock turning down, especially in the modern market structure, where hft algos can trigger sudden price collapses within seconds of the market open. Often times, the new topping formations, which have begun to show up more regularly on stock charts, are not as easy to identify as the head-and-shoulders and inverted v- or m-top formations.

  rounding top a rounding top pattern takes a little longer to form then the other mentioned chart patterns.

The consumer discretionary spdr etf (xly) made an all-time high of 77. 89 toward the end of april, and has more or less traded sideways in the past three months closing monday at 76.

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Rounding top formation

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