Robin diamonte united technologies

Robin diamonte united technologies

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  robin diamonte joined united technologies as chief investment officer in december 2004. She is responsible for overseeing utcs 52b in global retirement assets.

Launched its lifetime income strategy program, it remains the largest and most ambitious corporate effort to help employees prepare for spending their retirement dollars not just accumulating them.

  robin diamonte, cio of utc is on cios power 100 list for 2018. From nuclear subs to life income strategysince 2013, robin diamonte has been cio of united technologies, where she.

Robin diamonte, the cio of raytheon technologies, is a woman on a mission, maybe even a couple of missions. Many pension fund cios are exclusively focused on beating their benchmark and leave worrying about retirees to the hr department.

  robin diamonte, the chief investment officer of united technologies, talks about her companys new initiative to provide its employees with lifetime income through 401 (k) plans.

Robin diamonte is independent director of the morningstar, inc.

View robin diamontes profile on linkedin, the worlds largest professional community.

Robin diamonte corporate vice president, pension investments united technologies corporation before the committee on ways and means u. House of representatives february 6, 2019 chairman neal, ranking member brady, and members of the committee on ways and means, it is a privilege to be here to testify on the need for financial security in retirement.

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Robin diamonte united technologies

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