Rfa to dwg online converter

Rfa to dwg online converter

  as far as we know, there does not seem to exist any 3rd party converter that could be used for this particular rfa to dwg conversion. However, if you encounter any problems, you should seek advice on autodesk forums.

Take care to make the export from a 3d view if you need a 3d model. If you export a plan view, elevation, section , you will obtain a 2d cad file.

  revit architecture supports export to dwg format from opened. Rfa files, in the forms of individual cad-blocks that can be saved in this way. As far as we know, there does not seem to exist any 3rd party converter that could be used for this particular rfa to dwg conversion. But if you have any problems, your best option would be to contact.

Convert files into the dwg format, a popular cad file format, with this free online converter. Upload your file from different sources to create a cad dwg file from it. Upload your file you want to convert to dwg drop files here choose files.

Can anyone help me to convert this rfa file (i think is revit file) into dwg format for me. I download this rfa model from jlg online library but need the machine 2d drawing for working space study.

  select and extract only the building information you need for conversion and customize your dwg outputs with a set of pre-built transformers so that you can get the most out of your data. Once installed, the fme exporter plugin can be found in the add-ins tab on the ribbon in autodesk revit.

Convert cad files made in solidworks, autocad, fusion 360, catia, solid edge, nx, creo, freecad, turbocad, rhino, and more from your browser.

You will receive the download link in email within a couple of minutes.

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Rfa to dwg online converter

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