Reuters eikon cost per month

Reuters eikon cost per month

The cost of a factset subscription is 12,000 per year for the full product. 2 eikon the cost of thomson reuters eikon is 22,000 per year, but a stripped down version can cost as little as 3,600 per year.

Everyone pays the same price for the first terminal in a location. Currently i believe that is 2200 a month, and with two or more i believe they are 1950 per month each.

  by comparison, a fully loaded version of eikon costs 22,000, and a discounted version costs 3,600, according to wall street prep.

  a fully loaded reuters eikon terminal costs 1,800 per month. On average reuters users stay with a setup costing around 800 and it starts at 300 for the bare bones version.

  you can get a reuters eikon terminal for 150 a month from www. I dont know if its true for futures contracts worldwide, but for japanese futures reuters includes rollover prices and volume with actual trades. This, of course, makes proper analysis, backtesting and trading impossible.

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Reuters eikon cost per month

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