Renko chart mt4 ea

Renko chart mt4 ea

  kt renko live chart utility creates the renko charts on mt4 that can be further used for speculation or live trading. The renko chart created by this utility supports most of the custom indicators and automated expert advisors. Fully compatible with our renko patterns indicator and renko patterns ea.

After you open the h1 chart, dragdrop or attach the renko ea, type in your custom renko settings and access the offline chart. It is suggested that after the ea is activated on the h1 chart, simply click on h4, d1, w1, mn time frames and then switch back to h1 in order to build up history of renko boxes.

13 expert by maj1es2tic for metatrader 4 in the mql5 code base, 2014.

The renko charts are generated by an ea that creates the offline charts with renko boxes.

As you can see from the picture scalper ea strategy contains renko charts of 10 pips per bar and simple moving average of 100 (can be changed to what you desire). Renko bars will be the main entry trigger, but it has to be confirmed by the best classical indicator simple moving average.

You can use any broker, but we recommend icmarkets because of the low spreads. Usually, a 1h chart providing the use of good results when testing renko ea, you can test other time frames also. We always recommend to develop proper money management and follow that money management plan.

The renko fractals grid expert advisor for mt4 looks for trade entry once in every new candle.

In this thread we only discuss non-gap renko chart creator ea presented here. I will ignore anyone who writes any irrelevant post in this thread. You post any commercial link (directly or indirectly) and that would be your last post s.

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Renko chart mt4 ea

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