Redrix broadsword god roll

Redrix broadsword god roll

About to get the gun, and im very curious as to what the best barrel options and perks are for this thing.

Once you get the redrixs broadsword it will start to drop from crucible with random roll, except outlawdesperado combo. So we will be able to get the perfect roll - ricochet rounds and extended barrel with range masterwork. In that way, redrix will become the ultimate weapon of death.

God roll is extended barrel, armor-piercing rounds, range masterwork, counterbalance stock. Ricochet rounds are not needed because extended barrelcounterbalance stock maxes the recoil. Down side is the insanely low drop rate after you complete the steps.

Redrix broadsword - lets theorycraft the god roll! So, now that everyone is getting the clay. Broadsword, with random rolls, i wanted to theorycraft a bit considering that the archetype is going to be awesome in forsaken (2 bursts to the head!) what do you guys think will be the absolute best roll for this gun? The only perks we can change i guess are barrel and magazine perks, as the.

  we normally associate redrix broadswordclaymore as a pvp weapon. Even in season 3 i wasnt impressed with claymore in pve but that was in part due to its o.

Once you get the redrixs broadsword it will start to drop from crucible with random roll, except outlawdesperado combo. So we will be able to get the perfect roll - ricochet rounds and extended barrel with range masterwork. In that way, redrix will become the ultimate weapon of death.

Im coming up on the last couple hundred valor points that i need for redrixs broadsword, and as such, i want to start thinking about possible rolls to look for after i have it available. Im just wondering what the god roll would be for pvp, what the god roll would be for pve, and what the best roll would be to carry back and forth between pve and pvp.

Possible redrixs broadsword pvepvp god roll? All pc redrixs broadsword high impact frame. High caliber rounds(pve)ricochet rounds(pvp adds more stability and hcr got a previous pvp nerf) outlaw.

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Redrix broadsword god roll

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