Reddit raiden network

Reddit raiden network

This week we will continue to follow the latest updates from the raiden network github repository. Refactoring of the matrix transport layer continued in the raiden client repository. Handling presence in the internal state was successfully removed and the development team.

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While they were busy working on the reddit scaling bake-off submission, the new releases for the several important packages came out. Furthermore, planning of future milestones is also in progress. With the raiden development team being more oriented towards outside feature requests, it became increasingly hard to prioritize tasks.

The raiden team, alongside several other teams working on the ethereum scaling, was invited to participate in the panel titled defi scaling problem. The panel itself was almost completely non-technical, and instead, the panelists focused more on the current problems, challenges and the future of the l2 scaling.

It collects and stores metrics from the raiden network which can then be analyzed through a web interface. Development of the raidenmap started in early 2019 while the first release came out this month. The core features of the raidenmap are very similar to the ones of the raiden explorer.

The raiden network is an off-chain scaling solution, enabling near-instant, low-fee and scalable payments. Its complementary to the ethereum blockchain and works with any erc20 compatible token. Its goal is to research state channel technology, define protocols and develop reference implementations.

The raiden network explorer gives an overview of network statistics and visualizes the live status of the payment channel networks. The alpha testing version of the raiden network containing all above features on the ethereum mainnet with safety limits total maximum value (sum of all channel deposits) contained in smart contract.

The total number of tokens currently deposited on the token network. Mouse hover over nodes shows the node id the graph will only display open channels when this switch is off.

If youre looking to start playing with raiden youre in the right place! We are happy to support you with a custom hosted raiden node. To get started, please provide us with the information requested below. Please note that this is just a live demo and should only be used as such! The node will be prefilled with a custom token.

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Reddit raiden network

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