Reddit moissanite ring

Reddit moissanite ring

My engagement ring and wedding band plus a right hand anniversary band photovideo. A subreddit to discuss anything even remotely related to moissanite.

Ive got a moissanite and i make no secret of it id rather that people know i have a moissanite than assume i have a diamond. With a forever brilliant gem upgrade and in an old european cut.

  all chinese companies below are capable of creating custom ring designs, as well as other jewelry. There are slight differences in the quality and appearance of the different cuts and shapes they create. G some may excel at antique cuts or fancyelongated shapes, while others may be more comfortable with atraditional or basic shapescuts.

I first read about moissanite on reddit and, incidentally, it was also on reddit that i first read about diamonds being a racket, with artificially inflated prices. If i got a diamond knowing there was a virtually identical option out thereone that looked and held up just like diamondi wouldve felt ripped off! There are so many areas.

Getting a moissanite stone is in no way selling yourself unless cost is your only metric for a ring. I wanted a big ol stone and didnt feel like i could justify 20k (which is what my ring would be if we went the diamond route) and frankly, although i contribute to a million other toxic industries and practices, the ethical origins of my.

I ordered my first moissanite, a rose-cut ring, from diamondrensu in february. Everything was going smoothly and he shipped out the ring at the end of the month it took less than a week for the ring to go from india to the us, but thats when the problems started. Apparently my ring was shipping via something called ups mail innovations, which involves them handing the package to usps for.

  as a lady myself, i picked out a moissanite ring, im not trying to break his bank account, i just want to be with him, diamond or not. This gave me a huge smile, and the exact thing i was thinking when i originally contemplated it and from what i have seen they are beautiful.

If you want the moissanite part, scroll down to now moissanite! Fiance normally doesnt wear rings.

Moissanite engagement rings with charles & colvard forever one moissanite.

Lily arkwright specialise in lab grown precious gemstone & moissanite engagement rings & fine jewellery.

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Reddit moissanite ring

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