Reddit best fidelity funds

Reddit best fidelity funds

Fidelity has a massive collection of great low-cost index funds. Fskax is a great option that will give you the returns of the total u. Invest in that fund periodically and dont touch the money for years.

  the er for the fidelity freedom funds arent high, but they arent low. Creating an index fund portfolio (as guided by the wiki) with low ers is going to be difficult giving the selections. If you wanted to try to optimize it a bit you could go with the 2030 instead of the 2035 and then put 5 in the fidelity 500 index fund (fusvx).

  fusvx is the premium class of fidelitys s&p 500 index fund the investor class is fusex. Fsevx is the premium class of the extended market index fund the investor class is fsemx. Fsivx is the premium class of the international index fund the investor class is fsiix. For where i am in my life, i just have my funds in the fusex symbol.

  fsptx , fscsx, fbsox , fsrpx , fbiox , fsphx , fsdax, fresx , focpx , fncmx, fbgrx. Most if not all of these have outperformed market - which is truly impressive.

Stage 3 - ok there must be something to broad based fund investing ok i was on my way to a healthy retirement savings or so i thought with me at the helm firmly steering my 401k and investments into the best performing fund sectors (stupid me). Luckily i was still doing a lot of reading on the side including reading all the investment reddit forums, as well as listening to 10 audiobooks on.

  the fidelity high yield factor etf, an actively managed fund, is one of the newest fidelity funds offering exposure to bonds.

  one vanguard account got out of hand with about 10 different funds in it. Im thinking about consolidating them into 1 roth and 1 trad yea account at both fidelity and vang and with a 2920 & 2025 targeted retirementdate funds in each.

2021 list of the best fidelity mutual funds with top morningstar ratings. 3 best performing fidelity mutual funds for irabrokerage account investors in the last 10 years fidelity select biotechnology portfolio (fbiox), fidelity nasdaq composite index fund (fncmx), and fidelity contrafund (fcntx).

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Reddit best fidelity funds

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