Rabobank crypto wallet

Rabobank crypto wallet

Rabobank is not the only bank to call off its project of crypto wallet earlier, another dutch bank abn amro too canceled its plan of developing its crypto wallet project wallie.

The dutch multinational bank rabobank has announced that it is planning to release a cryptocurrency wallet called rabobit.

Rabobank would not be the first major financial institution to toy with the idea of an integrated cryptocurrency wallet serviced somewhat paradoxically by trusted banking third parties. Prior to its regulatory overhaul, south koreas second-largest bank shinhan had announced similar plans in what represented a pioneering step for legacy finance.

According to the site, this new wallet will bridge the gap between crypto and bank accounts. The cryptocurrency wallet is just one of the projects under the moonshoot program that the bank is trying out. The bank is currently trying to prepare itself to be ready for the future when it does arrive.

One of the most important dutch banks, rabobank, is analysing the possibility to develop a cryptocurrency wallet. This idea has been offered through the banks program known as moonshot. At the moment, the bank has over 680 billion euros under management.

  as it happens, rabobank isnt the only bank to give up on its cryptocurrency wallet plans. Earlier this week, abn amro coincidentally another dutch bank also told hard fork that its.

The rabobit cryptocurrency wallet is part of rabobanks internal moonshot acceleration program.

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Rabobank crypto wallet

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Rabobank crypto wallet
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