Prudential premier retirement variable annuity b series

Prudential premier retirement variable annuity b series

The b series has a fee structure that is lower than the other variable annuities in the same prudential series. The l, x and c products from pru seem to have insurance charges that start at a higher level and then decrease after some period of time. The insurance charges for the b series stay the same throughout the life of the contract.

The prudential premier retirement b series variable annuity offers more than 61 different, professionally managed investment options, each covering a wide range of styles and classes. As with other types of annuities, the b-series also provides investors the ability to invest tax-deferred.

Prudential premier b series - ny, l series - ny, x series - ny pdf opens in new window prudential premier retirement variable annuity - ny eff. 02102014 1 pdf opens in new window prudential premier retirement variable annuity - ny eff.

Available for a limited time with prudential premier investment b series variable annuities. Learn more about the dca rate special pdf opens in a new window because the rate will be applied to a declining balance over a 6-month period the actual return will be 1.

Prudential premier retirement variable annuity b seriessm designed for investors with longer-term retirement goals who prefer a lower-cost, more traditional variable annuity this material must be accompanied by the products current prospectus, which provides you with complete information on the product discussed. This product may not be available in all states or all brokerdealers.

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Prudential premier retirement variable annuity b series

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Prudential premier retirement variable annuity b series
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