Prudential center newark new jersey directions

Prudential center newark new jersey directions

Prudential center is one of the most easily accessible arenas in the country with over 3,500 parking spaces within 2 blocks. Highways surrounding the arena include 280, 78, nj turnpike, 1 & 9, 21, 22, garden state parkway, 80 and nj 3.

  the prudential center is the corner piece in the revitalization of newark, new jersey. Opening its doors in october of 2007, the multi-functional arena is the home of the national hockey leagues new jersey devils. In addition to the devils, the prudential center hosts seton hall and njit basketball as well as other concerts and events throughout the year.

Prudential center 165 mulberry st , newark, nj 07102 the rock bar & grill at prudential center 25 lafayette st , newark, nj 07102 prudential hall 1 center st , newark, nj 07102 prudential center 800 boylston st , boston, ma 02199 best nyc house2 blocks to subway-prudential center ewr 10 min 16 prospect row ,.

The prudential center trademark and logos are used under license from the prudential insurance company of america, a subsidiary of prudential financial, inc. , headquartered in the usa, neither of which is affiliated with prudential plc, a company headquartered in the united kingdom.

The arena is located two blocks from newark penn station in downtown newark, just west of newarks ironbound district, which makes it easily accessible via new jersey transit, path, newark light rail, and amtrak. At the time of its opening, prudential center was the first major league sports venue to be built in the new york metropolitan area since the brendan byrne arena, the devils former home, opened in 1981.

  directions to the prudential center click directions in the top left of the window below for the quickest route to the prudential center from new jersey turnpike north take exit 14 toward i-78 and take the center ramp after the toll booth toward us-1-9. Continue on us-1-9 for about three miles and exit on the right onto rt-21 mccarter hwy.

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Prudential center newark new jersey directions

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