Protective variable annuity prospectus

Protective variable annuity prospectus

Variable annuities are considered securities contracts and are regulated by federal securities laws and must be sold with a prospectus.

Protective variable annuity investors series protective life insurance company protective variable annuity separate account p. Box 10648 birmingham, alabama 35202-0648 telephone www.

The variable annuity overview brochure and the product prospectus. Protective variable annuity investors series offers a combination of investment and insurance benefits, including access to a variety of asset classes and professionally managed investments choice of asset allocation strategies using model portfolios or the ability to create your own risk management options, with.

This prospectus describes the protective dimensions variable annuity contract, an individual flexible premium deferred variable and fixed annuity contract offered by protective life insurance company. The contract is designed for investors who desire to accumulate capital on a tax deferred basis for retirement or other long term investment purposes.

Protective and protective life refers to protective life insurance company (plico) located in nashville, tn and its affiliates, including protective life & annuity insurance company (plaic) located in birmingham, al. Insurance and annuities are issued by plico in all states except new york and in new york by plaic.

This and other information is contained in the prospectus for a variable annuity and its underlying investment options. Investors should read the prospectus carefully before investing. Performance of the protective life dynamic allocation series portfolios depends on that of the underlying funds.

Allocation adjustment restricted sub-accounts protective life dynamic allocation series holdings what are performance types? Page view (20 rows) list view (all rows) saveprint pdf.

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Protective variable annuity prospectus

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Protective variable annuity prospectus
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